Friday 26 May 2017

How Lycopene Helps Protect, Against Cancer, and More

Natural fruits or vegetables like tomatoes, watermelons are full of lycopene which is one of the strongest natural antioxidant. It’s also a generally recognized anti-aging substance to defense free radical, physically remove the rubbish and keep the body healthy.
Some scientists predict that antioxidant will help people to extend 30%-50% of their lives. Europeans and Americans are never stop studying lycopene. Researchers asked patients to take lycopene for 4 weeks and their LDL decreased dramatically. Also, compare to cholesterol-lowering drugs, lycopene doesn’t have any side-effect and plays an important role on preventing stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Many studies of healthy meals are based on observation of people in Mediterranean regions. You will find ketchup served at every meal and they have less chance to have cardiovascular diseases and cancer. This is all relying on lycopene. The “Times” magazine in the US used to place tomato as the best food which contribute on human health and lycopene is also called “Plants Gold”.
Research shows that, The body can only digest 0.05mg lycopene by taking a fresh tomato. However, our bodies need at least 20mg lycopene every day to prevent prostate disease, protect heart and brain, slow the effects of ageing, protect the skin etc. According to this, people need to eat 300 fresh tomatoes every day to get that much lycopene, and that's obviously impossible.
So what's the best way to take lycopene? The tomato juices on the market are all added with food color, reductant or oxidant, that's why the color is pure red and the juice and fresh are mixed. Having fresh tomatos can get a lots of vitamin C, kalium and dietary fiber, which is good for preventing cardiovascular disease and fat. but you can't get all the lycopene and carotene in that tomato, unless you cook it and add a lot of oil, but lots of oil is obvisously not good for health. Nutritionists indicated that the best way to take lycopene is to choose a good brand of lycopene product. Total Natural's lycopene product contains 5mg lycopene per softgel which is made of 15 fresh tomatoes. Taking it by instruction can eliminate free radicals, lower cholesterol levels and heart deseases, prevent cancers, especially prostate cancer.


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